Sheree Michele – Wait for You

Born in Florida and schooled in Nashville, singer / songwriter / musician Sheree Michele began playing music at age 5. With a combo of fresh beats, piano, and classic acoustic vibes – she is one of the most talented musicians you will ever meet. Her commitment to excellence is inspiring and her genuinely raw sound is one of a kind.

(This is the first music video that I’ve produced, directed, and edited!)

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Up and Coming

I recently had the opportunity to photograph an amazingly talented musician and good friend of mine, Sheree Michele. Wow, If I could sum her up somehow it would be a combination of these words – JOY, passionate, beautiful, and genuine. She’s been playing piano since she was five, and kills it on guitar just as good. She’s also a lyrical genius and can spit rhymes on command. Seriously, look at her facebook band page…the only thing in her about me section is, “White girls can rap, too.” If you get a chance check her out on iTunes too, you will be blown away. She is hands down one of the most talented female musicians I know.

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Nikon D800 vs Canon Mark III

I’ve been a Nikon fan since I started photography, so the roots run pretty deep, but the thought of switching over to the dark side has actually entered my mind a couple times recently. I dont think it will happen anytime soon, but lets just say I am open to it now haha Check out this really good article of both cameras from the extremely knowledgeable Ken Rockwell, and this side by side comparison video by Dave Dugdale. Unfortunately both cameras are alittle out of my price range at the moment…but I can dream right? 😀

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“To live for God, is to live for adventure.”

Over the past two years I’ve had the opportunity to travel the world as a humanitarian photographer with Surfing The Nations, a non-profit humanitarian organization. It has been life changing, in every sense of the word. It’s opened my eyes to the world of possibilities out there and taken my photography to levels I never thought were possible.

Picture Hope: Adventures of a Christian Missionary and Surf Photographer, is the product of that. It’s a 48 page custom designed photography book of all my best images. I’ve poured the past three months of my life into creating this, please check it out if you have a minute!

(click on any image to buy or to see a complete preview of the book)


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Coffee With Hoppe

This is probably one of the most creative, out of the box videos I have ever produced. I made this for a good friend who is trying to raise money as a full time volunteer to continue using his gifts to give back. Check it out, a Dr. Seuss inspired poem and visual journey around the Surfing The Nations headquarters in Hawaii (where I currently work as well).

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“Code Red”

Have you ever wondered what the best surfers in the world look like surfing one of the most dangerous waves in the world [on one of the biggest swells ever recorded], looks like on a $150,000 camera? Well…prepare yourself! (This is what we, photographers and surfers, live for :D)

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Are You Living Your Dream?

So the storyline + cinematography in this film is unreal. Basically The North Face hired Jimmy Chin to capture what the progressive rock climbing culture of Yosemite looks like, and this video is a BTS of that. I don’t think there’s another example out there that captures the raw essence of what I want to do for a living with film and photography…

What sets this one apart? I ask myself this question all the time it seems like, but especially watching amazing videos like this. Seriously though, think about it…whatever area of life it is, the answer is usually the same right?

1) Extremely passionate
2) Committed to excellence
3) Genuine

I’m only beginning to understand the full potential of this [mindset / lifestyle], but I want to challenge you anyways…would people describe you as any of the above? If not, then change something! These life principles are too important to miss out on! Not only will they set you apart, give you opportunities to travel and do things you never thought possible, they will point you in the direction of what living an abundant life looks like.

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