BTS: Chez by Cheryl

What a fun day! Not only was this my first paid gig as a photographer (I’ve been a full time humanitarian volunteer for Surfing The Nations the past two years) , but it was great experience because I haven’t done many product shots before. I was blown away by how “professional” it was. There were two models, a make up artist, a hair stylist, a clothing designer, and about 20 handbags to shoot. The models were amazing, you could tell they had alot of experience doing this b/c we talked alittle before about what kind of style we were trying to get with the bags, and I literally didnt have to say anything after that…every 2 or 3 clicks they would change positions / poses etc. I got alot to work on for sure, but I def enjoyed branching out and trying my hand at some fashion photography. The handbags are by an up and coming designer called Chez by Cheryl.


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