Stockholm, Sweden

Ahh finally caught up on some much needed sleep! Linn and her mom were workin today so they gave me one of their all access passes for transportation (unlimited subway / bus / ferry), so that was a total blessing. Started off in the “Old City” and pretty much stayed there all day besides a side trip to the new photography museum. I kinda explained Stockholm in the post before, so here are some pictures to visualize it πŸ™‚ Oh yeah I bought a new lens right before I left…actually right on the way to the airport (stopped at B&H) lol so you’ll be seeing alot of it in the future. Its called a lens baby sweet 35mm (its produces a tilt shift perspective or “miniature look”).


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3 Responses to Stockholm, Sweden

  1. treithioblog says:

    Stockholm is my absolute fave city in Europe! I’ve never visited in Summer though, only in winter when the sea frezzes and the snow falls. I’d love to go back and sail the archipelego next year… x

  2. Darren Ooi says:

    nice photo. how your take it? edit? can share?


  3. LΓ©onie says:

    I really like the last picture with all those people waiting ! You take great pictures, so, keep going on ! πŸ™‚
    Greetings from Switzerland

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