2012 Update

So excited to be back in Hawaii and serving full time with Surfing The Nations again! STN’s mission statement, if you’re not familiar with it, is basically to give communities, both locally and internationally, Christ’s message of love and hope through the sport of surfing and acts of selfless service. Another way to describe it would be to put a bible on the table…and then throw a National Geographic and Surfer Magazine on top of that. Check out Surfers Giving Back, a short film I produced for them last year about what we do here in Hawaii 🙂

Chris Rehrer - International Director at STN

"Ohana" Dinner (hawaiian for family)

The new internship crew (Theres 99 of us total including staff!)

Feeding The Hungry program (we're the largest on the island, feeding around 3,000+ people a week)

Ulupono Afterschool Thriving Arts Program

Waianae Surf Outreach (A program created for the youth at risk on the west side of the island)

Surfers Church


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1 Response to 2012 Update

  1. Carly says:

    This is amazing. This sounds a lot like what I spent some time in South Africa doing. There were various things I could do to help the children that don’t have many options. The kids in the townships, and I decided to teach them how to surf. Give them an option to do something with their life outside of school. We taught them life skills as well, which gave them dedication to help themselves and help others too. It’s a beautiful world that surfing creates for everyone! Awesome work.

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