Are You Living Your Dream?

So the storyline + cinematography in this film is unreal. Basically The North Face hired Jimmy Chin to capture what the progressive rock climbing culture of Yosemite looks like, and this video is a BTS of that. I don’t think there’s another example out there that captures the raw essence of what I want to do for a living with film and photography…

What sets this one apart? I ask myself this question all the time it seems like, but especially watching amazing videos like this. Seriously though, think about it…whatever area of life it is, the answer is usually the same right?

1) Extremely passionate
2) Committed to excellence
3) Genuine

I’m only beginning to understand the full potential of this [mindset / lifestyle], but I want to challenge you anyways…would people describe you as any of the above? If not, then change something! These life principles are too important to miss out on! Not only will they set you apart, give you opportunities to travel and do things you never thought possible, they will point you in the direction of what living an abundant life looks like.


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5 Responses to Are You Living Your Dream?

  1. magicofmine says:

    Incredibly beautiful! I started climbing last spring and even though I’m still just a beginner I am loving every second of it! Yosemite is definitely every climbers dream. Amazing movie!

  2. lesliesgallery says:

    Love this!

  3. matheusce says:

    Reblogged this on Dreaming of and commented:

  4. mariliis1224 says:

    So cool …I have no words!

  5. Inspirational. This video is AWESOME!

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