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Nikon D800 vs Canon Mark III

I’ve been a Nikon fan since I started photography, so the roots run pretty deep, but the thought of switching over to the dark side has actually entered my mind a couple times recently. I dont think it will happen … Continue reading

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Battle at F-stop Ridge

If your interested in cameras / photography you will love this parody!

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Ken Rockwell

One of the best independent reviewers of photography gear out there. I basically owe my entire set up to his recommendations. He is extremely knowledgeable, and quite entertaining with his straightforwardness haha It’s like a breath of fresh air b/c … Continue reading

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Final Cut Pro X

Apple is about to bring professional editing to a whole new level, β€œSomething as revolutionary as the first version of Final Cut Pro when introduced in 1999.” The key features are 64bit, native h.264 editing (finally), background rendering, automatic image … Continue reading

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